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In my free time I volunteer on missing person and unsolved murder cases to assist families in need. I also volunteer my services in various spirit communication circles and groups. I consider myself a student; my search for knowledge is vast. I am a natural born healer and angel reader and a medium. I have been helping to guide client's for many years through the use of my gifts.


I am a natural healer, using my gifts to help others.After 6yrs of prolonged worship and a incident in my life I found my powers. I use these powers to help others,whether it is finding a new love,helping to guide others on a path most proper for them,and giving insight and advice on all matters. My advice is honest,and to the point. I am also known for my PSYCHIC READING abilities,and have had some remarkable results. I can help you in almost all of your matters.Done with my academic as well as spiritual knowledge and qualifications,i can guide and help people with their love,career,money or any of these related issues for a better life ahead.I have helped 10000s....why not let me help you? There is no reason to be frustrated and confused about your current situations. I am having spiritual and scientific ways to understand & guide you. I work for building energies and to make you understand how "STARS" and "THEIR EFFECTS" are useful in solving problems in life. You can mold your future with my help, or choose to go in a different route than where you are presently. Ultimately you are the decision maker, I can help & guide you, show you what the result of your choices would be. But its up to you to forge the true path of your destiny......

Experience and Qualifications

I am clairvoyant, clairaudient and an empath. I can see all sides of the situation you are asking it work, love or spirituality and guide you towards your best path. I believe in the power of love that we are spiritual beings living in a physical body. Using a psychic is similar to getting a map of your life's path. While there are many stops along the way you can receive spiritual guidance on which bumps to avoid, and which paths are beneficial to your souls growth. Sometimes the message is not what we want to hear but it is what we need to hear so that we do not manifest the same lessons twice. I am a person that has walked in your shoes - many times in my life I have not learned the lesson the first or second time. This has made me extremely empathetic and able to relate to people in all situations. My Prayer For You- Is That Your Reading- Be In Your Highest Expectations- And Best Interest!


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24 hour here

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andyora 22 March in 14:18 GOOD READING
andyora 22 March in 14:17 i will come back soon thanks alot my dear sweet friend
Aqua 26 February in 02:46 Awesome Read. Thank you :) I look forward to good results :)
marla 10 February in 05:42 This man is very good.... he is very compassionate and taps in well....

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