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Manifestation How To Fine Tune Your Energy

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Take your time as you are considering options for your future. Unless everything in you says, “Yes! This is a direction I want to take,” try to avoid creating from a sense of urgency, for urgency is born of fear, not love. You want to create all your dreams because you are in love with...Read More

You Are Love Unconditionally

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There’s so many things in “modern” life that feed into this illusion that we need someone or something else to come and save us. It’s the basis of many religions, yet the pattern is even still there for many who have given up on religion. We believe some other person is going to come along...Read More

Dreamers of the Collective Dream

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With the recent astrological passages, Earth is receiving new formations that open her up to new cosmic gateways and experiences.  As Earth citizens, we can also receive the alignments of these formations and access new dimensional experiences.  It is only a matter of our heart desire to embody these formations that will open us to...Read More

Crystals Which One are You Drawn To

Crystals are drawn to you, check out which ones call your name.  I tried to place the pictures in but wordpress didn’t allow it.  Just google the ones you are draw to, you will feel an energy with the pictures. Crystals Alphabetic List Crystals call out to you check which ones you are drawn to……...Read More

Truth in Our Being and Becoming

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The greatest proof of the truth is in our being and our becoming. Silence boasts nothing, but reveals everything. Whispers are for those who need to be reminded that they are aware. The truth silences all questions and it stops the searching. Only the mind and ego search, because they do not know who they...Read More

Live Heaven on Earth

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Yielding to the truth of who we are is the most powerful action we as divine humans can take. When we open the doorway to our Higher Aspect we find what and who we have been seeking.  We are here for discovery and mastery. We are to achieve our birthright promise; to have an earthly...Read More

Crystal Use Summary

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Crystals Use Summary There are many uses of crystals and they are as follows: Business: Citrine; Jet; Green Aventurine; Moss Agate   Fertility Shiva Lingam; Rhodochrosite; Garnet; Blue Lace Agate Healing Amethyst; Citrine; Fluorite; Clear Quartz Love    Rose Quartz; Jade; Amethyst; Lodestone Mental Powers Fluorite; Rutilated Quartz; Pyrite Money Green Aventurine; Citrine; Loadstone; Amazonite  ...Read More

Your Sacred Connection

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Let yourselves escape into the blissful spiritual retreat your inner perception offers. When you get to know your inner perception, you’ll find yourselves infinitely able to reap its numerous benefits as you lovingly welcome a new way of life. You’ll be able to connect with us, your higher selves and guides, in unprecedented ways as...Read More